Web Wide Video.com Special!  Digitize and upload to Google Video for only $15 per hour!

Web Wide Video accepts vhs, vhs-c, s-vhs, s-vhs-c, 8 mm, hi8, digital8, miniDV, and DVD source material.

Yes!  We accept paypal!

Preserve and share your cherished memories!

VHS to DVD and WWW

YES! Web Wide Video will put your home movies onto DVDs, the World Wide Web, and Google Video all in one hassle free stop. It's as simple as sending Web Wide Video your tapes, and we take care of the rest!

If you're looking to unshackle your home movies from your camcorder but don't want to sweat the technical details, all while maintaining the highest level of service and professionalism, you've come to the right place!

Imagine taking video of your baby's first steps, and then sending an email to family members abroad so they can watch directly from their computer. What could be easier?

Web Wide Video is a full-service, small-run DVD authoring and duplication shop. Our specialty is making the process easy; the customer pays for the service and Web Wide Video handles the details.

Customer privacy is paramount

At Web Wide Video, the privacy of our customers is our foremost goal. But at the same time, most customers prefer that they can be contacted if their video inspires others.

To allow an owner of a video to be reachable while still maintaing the customer's privacy, Web Wide Video provides each customer an email address that automatically forwards any inbound email to that customer's regular email address. Web Wide Video then puts that contact information at the end of the customer's video (see example below).

example of end placard showing WWV email address

The advantage of this method is that the customer's real email address is never exposed, yet the customer can still be contacted via email!

Advanced services: censoring, captioning, WWW hosting

At Web Wide Video, service for our customers is paramount. Web Wide Video aims to provide one stop shopping for all of its customers' needs.

No longer will customers need to send their videos to one company for captioning, another company to have DVDs printed, and yet a third company to have their content hosted on the WWW. Web Wide Video can do it all, and for far less than what it would cost when using seperate companies for each service!

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Easy and secure payments through Paypal

Payments can be made with a credit card (Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover), bank account (e-check), or even with a Paypal account balance. Web Wide Video never has access to a customer's credit card number.

Customers may also pay without opening a Paypal account. Paypal:  Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover, e-check

The bottom line

If you want a service that will produce quality DVDs, offers advanced services like captioning, censoring, and WWW hosting, all while maintaining customer privacy, reachability, and security, Web Wide Video is your only choice!

Web Wide Video is not associated with Google or Google Video. Web Wide Video uploads customers' videos to Google Video as a service to its customers. Web Wide Video is neither endorsed nor sponsored by Google.