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Web Wide Video accepts vhs, vhs-c, s-vhs, s-vhs-c, 8 mm, hi8, digital8, miniDV, and DVD source material.

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Products and Services

Video transfer and upload to the WWW and Google Video

Imagine having the video of your baby's first steps available for your relatives to view in another country instantly. No worrying about region codes, PAL/NTSC conversion, or if they even have a DVD player. As long as they have a computer that can view the demonstration movie, they will be able to view your video!

Web Wide Video will take your footage, digitize it, upload it, and host it on Google Video for you. Why take the time to sweat the details of digitization hardware, compression formats, or any of the other technical details when it's so inexpensive to have Web Wide Video do it for you? Concentrate on creating your video, not the technical details.

$15.00 per hour of footage.

Video transfer to DVD

At Web Wide Video, we have a saying that "If it's worth keeping on video, then it's worth keeping in the highest quality possible."

For consumers, DVDs represent the highest quality way to share your videos with others and to archive footage for future viewing. Even if your video camera were to break a few years from now, DVD players will always be around to play your movie!

Web Wide Video will take your video, transfer it to DVD(s), and ship the DVD(s) and original tape(s) back to you.

$30.00 for up to two hours of footage, and then $15.00 per hour thereafter.

Video transfer to DVD and free upload to the WWW

If you are looking for the speed of instant WWW distribution while still retaining the archival quality of DVDs, this is the package for you!

Web Wide Video will take your video, transfer it to DVD(s), ship the DVD(s) and the original tape(s) back to you, and also upload your video to Google Video so that anyone on the WWW can view it. The best part is that it's the same price as just getting DVDs!

Web Wide Video can also handle special requests, such as only posting the first five minutes of a video online to create a video "teaser". This option is great for small bands trying to sell CDs or concert videos.

$30.00 for up to two hours of footage, and then $15.00 per hour thereafter.

Video Censoring Service

If you have video that you would like to preserve, but something "undesireable" has contaminated it, then Web Wide Video's censoring service is for you.

It happens all too often, an otherwise priceless moment captured on video is fouled by someone letting loose with their lips. Some customers have video that contains a now ex-wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend that they would rather not remember.

Whether it's removing incidental cursing or the blocking out of an entire person, Web Wide Video's censoring service is the answer! While Web Wide Video can't make people actually disappear, Web Wide Video can put a black box over a person or alternatively "fuzz out" their face.

In a similar manner, offensive speech (which in the case of an ex-husband/wife could be any speech whatsoever... :) ) can be dropped entirely, or replaced with a network TV style beep.

For a demonstration of all censoring styles, click here.

$50.00 per hour of footage.

Sub-titles and Closed Captions Closed Captions logo

If you have a hearing impaired relative or want your movie to be accessible to the hearing impaired, Web Wide Video's captioning service is for you.

Web Wide Video will add descriptive text closed captions to your video that can be viewed on any DVD player. Instead of having to sit with a relative and repeat everything that is said, closed captions can be enabled so the dialog can be read in a familiar manner.

If your video is for commercial use, some industries may be required by the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide closed captions for their material.

Any video that is closed captioned and also put on the web (i.e. Google Video) will automatically have the captions attached as a transcript to their video.

To see an example of the captioning service, click here.

Closed captions will be used for DVDs, and open captions will be used for Web content. (Don't know what the difference is? Click here.)

$100.00 per hour of footage.

Special! If censoring and captioning are both used on the same video, the price for both services combined is only $125.00 per hour of footage, saving $25.00 per hour!

DVD packaging options for every budget

Whether your budget is flush or slim, Web Wide Video has a product packing option that is right for you!

The professional package includes a slim line DVD case, DVD, and a color picture from your video on the case and disc. Price starts at $30.00 per copy.

The basic package includes a DVD with black and white text label and paper sleeve. Price starts at $5.00 per copy.

basic packaging

The disc only package includes an unprinted DVD and no case. Price starts at $0.00 per copy.

disc only packaging